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The most innovative commercial grade lighting system!
Retail price is $ 2,450
Manipulating Light with EVA3
EVA3 features 11 individual wavelength bands: 430nm, 450nm, 630nm, 660nm, 385nm UVA, 410nm violet, 520nm green, 730nm deep red, 850nm infrared, fluorescent UVB and a white light that serves as a filler that covers all other wavelength bands. The intensity of each wavelength band can be set individually in the range of 0% to 100%.
Built-In Imaging
Each EVA3 is equipped with two 5MP digital cameras providing 10MP coverage of the area served by the unit (120cm X 120cm, 4' X 4'). The operation of the cameras is automatic - as part of the grow plan the cultivators predefines a schedule for capturing images at specific times of the day, and at that time all the cameras in the grow room will capture a stills image.
Growing light recipes
Every EVA3 comes preloaded with a library of several sets of palettes (recipes), enabling the grower to enjoy the power of EVA3 from day one. Such libraries typically include minimum 5-6 recipes, covering the light needs of the crop from early vegetation and through the end of the flowering phase. By adhering to light recipes as well as individually adjusting them growers can increase their yield, improve their crop's quality, and lower the energy consumption (thus the cost) of their production.
The Workforce' Companion
An important goal in the design of EVA3 was for the system to integrate
into that daily workflow in a streamlined, worker-friendly manner. So while the software powering EVA3 is sophisticated and feature-rich, the day-to-day operations are covered by a single easy to use dashboard. Through the intuitive dashboard, all that the cultivator needs to do is select the current grow plan and turn the system on. From that point on, EVA3 will automatically turn the lights on or off according to the relevant lighting cycle and using the
palette associated with the grow plan.
The Network Platform
A key to EVA3's network architecture is that the entire communication with the lamp is done wirelessly, without having to install any special wiring or other infrastructure. Once plugged to electricity EVA3 announces itself as a WiFi access point, and any device with WiFi connectivity - mobile phone, laptop computer, tablet - can connect to the lamp in an encrypted, password protected connection, through a regular web browser. Optional BluetoothTM connection available as well.
EVA3 is available for purchase now!
Through manipulation of light EVA3 enables cultivators to step up their growery.
EVA3 powerful features
Our knowledge, innovation and technologies are now available in our most advanced grow light ever - EVA3
Optimize light
Manipulate EVA3's light spectrum to deliver the precise intenities of every wavelength that the plant needs according to its genetics, growth stage, cultivation method, and yield goals.
Optimize energy
Light up only productive spectra and save energy on lighting and air conditioning.
Scale the grow room
With the EVA3 Room Controller, managing dozens of lamps per room is as easy as managing a single lamp setup.
Instant onboarding
EVA3 is pre-loaded with proven light spectra that will get you productive from day one.
The crop at your fingertips
Optional full HD cameras on each lamp bring each of the finest plant details to your screen.
Preemptive maintenance
EVA3 automatically detects and alerts on faults before you notice, minimizing potential downtime and keeping the grow rooms constantly productive
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EVA3 Dynamic LED indoor horticultural fixture
Price includes shipping within USA.
Local duties and taxes is a customer's responsibility.
Shipping within 3 weeks, subject to the stock availability.

Power: 10W - 900W depending on light recipe.
PPFD @ 150cm with 30° lens: up to 1000 μmol/m2/s depending on light recipe.
Energetic Efficacy: minimum 1.8 μmol/watt.
Total Light output: up to 1,900 μmol/s.
Spectral wavelength bands: 385 nm UVA, 410 nm, 430 nm, 450 nm, 520 nm, 630 nm, 660 nm, 730 nm, 850 nm, 4 fluorescent bays for UVB bulbs 290 nm (UVB bulbs are sold separately), white 3000К.
Spectral curve: dynamically manipulated.
Light recipes: set and configured individually, 16 preinstalled.
Light distribution angle: 50°.
Height above plant canopy: 45cm - 120cm (1.5' - 4').
Grow area footprint: 120 cm X 120 cm (4' X 4').
Camera: 2 х 5 megapixels.
Heat dissipation: 2,142 BTU/hr.
Noise level: ≤ 32.5 dB.
Communication: Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz.
Software: Fotonica WEB-browser based interface.
Dimensions: 90 cm X 110 cm X 8cm (35.4" X 43.3" X 3.2").
Weight: 24 Kg (54 lb.)
Warranty: 3 years.
Made in Israel.
Learn more about our innovative EVA3
Trial Results
State of the art revolutionary LED light technology, designed to maximize the grower's
profitability by increasing yield, improving quality and reducing costs.
Learn about the comparative trials results of EVA3 vs. other LEDs and HPS.
Learn more
Technical Data
Following years of research, Fotonica's biologists and agronomists developed with its
engineering team a technological platform that combines specialized hardware and software
enabling it to build grow lights whose spectral curve can be dynamically manipulated in order to
optimize the grow cycle.

También disponible en Español.
Technical Data
PPFD Charts
Powerful diodes and specially selected lenses ensure efficient light distribution.
See charts
White Paper
Through the manipulation of light we aim to reduce operating costs, increase yield and quality, and help cultivators make their products stand out in terms of aroma and medical effectiveness. Our knowledge, innovation and technologies are now available in our most advanced grow light ever - EVA3.
Find out more details in the White Paper.

También disponible en Español.
Read the White Paper
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